What are your hours?

10 am-6 pm Wed-Mon (please allow two hours to complete course)

Are you members only?

No we are open to the public. However, we offer memberships that provide cost saving benefits

Do you offer trap/skeet?

No, we are currently focused on providing the best sporting clay's and five stand experience possible

What is sporting clay's and how do you shoot it? 

Sporting Clay's is a clay pigeon sport that came to the US in the 1980's. Think of it like golf with a shotgun.
Players will shoot a set number of target pairs from 10-15 stations, moving to the next until the entire
course has been shot for a total of 100 attempted targets. The biggest difference between Sporting Clay's
and Trap/Skeet is that the target pairs are not fixed and will differ from station to station. Giving you a wide variety of target presentations. 

Do you have any competitions?

We host a variety of registered shoots and charity events/tournaments.

Is there ammo restrictions?

Yes. No more than 2 shells are loaded at a time; and no larger than #7.5 shot 1 1/8th ounce loads are
accepted. With regard to safety only shot sizes #8 and 9 and 7.5 are allowed

I like shooting, but don’t like walking. Can I bring my own buggy/cart or do you have any for rent?

Yes to both! We absolutely allow personal Carts/UTV's. If you don’t have one we have golf carts for rent at for $45. It is first come first serve on our carts.